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Presentation of Agile Retrospective Meeting
PowerPoint Templates of Mad Sad Glad Retrospective

The Mad Sad Glad PowerPoint Template is a presentation of agile retrospective technique. This technique focuses on the emotional well-being of project development team. In doing so, it helps improve morale of the team and create a positive environment for all to strive. This template of agile retrospective meeting provides pre-design columns. The emoji icons are used to visualize feelings about agile practices. Although most retrospective meetings are done in a traditional method of a whiteboard. This presentation, however, will help you take the meeting over digital media. The PowerPoint template could also be used as Google Slide Themes for virtual meetings.

The Mad Sad Glad is a straightforward technique to inspect how systems and processes affect teams and individual’s morale. By highlighting the different perspectives of shared experiences, the team can analyze impacts on certain events. It leads to improving the processes with each iteration of agile methodology. As a part of agile practices, the retrospective meeting focuses on three core emotions i.e. mad, sad, and glad. For example, mention things in the Mad section that team found most frustrating in last iteration. A Sad section will cover the disappointing situations or actions. Whereas, things that made team happy or excited will be in Glad. The facilitator selects this technique from multiple options of scrum meeting in retrospective exercises toolbox.

The Mad Sad Glad PowerPoint Template will help simplify the experience of retrospective meetings. The participants brainstorm and present their feedback classified into three emotions. For instance, after the latest feature update, the team will use this technique to express their feelings about the iteration. Use the Mad section to present problems such as unrealistic deadlines and lack of feedback. The Sad column could describe events such as time lost on unclear requirements. On the positive side, the Glad section could mention team collaboration.

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