Lean Startup Methodology PowerPoint Template

Lean Startup Methodology PowerPoint Template – The Lean Startup Methodology is a procedural approach for creating and managing startups in order to deliver a value proposition to customers (product or service). The methodology is created to teach entrepreneurs how to drive their startups, from inception to growth.

The main motivation for the Lean Startup methodology is to make entrepreneurs show their product/services as early as possible to prospective customers in order to gauge interest before a big investment is done upfront. The Lean Startup Methodology preys to fail fast and fail cheap, in order to iterate (pivot) into a new cycle of design, develop and sell.

The main component of the Lean Startup methodology is the build-measure-learn feedback loop. Lean Startup Methodology PowerPoint Template provides animated slides with PowerPoint icons and Diagrams to describe how the organization will implement the loop.

The Lean Startup PowerPoint Diagram Consist of the Following Elements:

  1. The first step begins with an idea, a problem to be solved. It is represented with a thin PowerPoint light bulb Icon.This step transitions to the Code Step, through the Build transition. The transition is represented by a spanner PowerPoint Icon.
  2. Once in the Code Step, the MVP (minimum viable product) is established. The entrepreneur can work with the prospects, showing the product/service. This steps transitions To the Data Step, through the Measure transition. All entrepreneur decisions need to be data driven, where data is brought through the MVP experience. This measurement and learning needs to be backed up by actionable metrics that can demonstrate cause and effect question.
  3. Once in the data step, the entrepreneur can make decisions, learn about previous experience and return to the idea step to tune again the MVP.

The Lean Startup Methodology PowerPoint Template provides PowerPoint Diagrams describing the inner loop and each of the transitions, providing placeholders for descriptions. The template is provided animated and static, depending on the user needs.

Ideal for Entrepreneurship lectures or to describe your startup methodology to an audience of VC’s, the Lean Startup Methodology PowerPoint Template will engage through its professional graphics.

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