Layered Circular PowerPoint Diagram

PowerPoint Layered Circular Diagram
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Layered Circular PowerPoint Diagram is one of our Professional PowerPoint Templates,  containing a flat design layered circular diagram. Each layer is segmented in two pieces placed in opposing sides of the circle. This diagram can be used as a Comparison Chart Template, as a Staged Process Diagram, or as a Circular Model where each step is described through the levels within the layers. This PowerPoint Diagram is created completely with PowerPoint shapes, allowing the user to fully customize its properties as size, color and effects.

One of the best used of the Layered Circular PowerPoint Diagram is to describe Flow Processes that required a bi dimentional explanation. In this case lets consider each layer being the Activity of the process. Each activity can execute in parallel, that is why the flow has many layer. Each activity is composed of a set of “tasks”. Each task is represented through the segments of the diagram. Explaining each segment, and its relationship in the layer, the presenter can describe really complex processes in a figure auto contained in one slide. The presenter can even complicate more the diagram (if the process required) for example using as an additional variable, the segment color, that will allow to group or relate different segment due to color affinity.

The center of the diagram is composed by a common core that can map to the process or stages common relationships. This PowerPoint Diagram is ideal for Engineering processes descriptions, software layered architectures and modular designs.

Impress your audience with this flexible and modern Layered Circular PowerPoint Diagram, and create presentations that appeal to global audiences.

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