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KWL Chart PowerPoint Template

A KWL Chart PowerPoint Template is a creative presentation template for preparing a comprehensive document showing a flash of previous knowledge, goals for taking the session, and the learned points. KWL chart is an efficient way of summarizing the data for students or trainees. It can also be used in project management and business development processes to note the key points. The KWL is an acronym for these keywords that are:

  • K (What I know): This section is filled before beginning with a session or project, and the data, like previous experiences or knowledge points, are noted down. 
  • W (What I want to know): This part helps mention and set the long-term goals or the desired outcomes
  • L (What I learned): At the end, this segment is completed by noting the learned or gained points.

This KWL Chart PowerPoint Template can be edited on live screens and filled in as a group activity using any presentation software such as PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote. We have crafted this KWL table using 100% editable PowerPoint shapes and graphical effects. This template has two design variants of this table diagram carrying three vertical sections. Each part has editable text boxes to mention the name’s title, description, and bold letter words. These parts have dark-colored areas for decoration. Professionals can conveniently change details, i.e., color schemes, font styles, and background features. 

In addition to teachers, this KWL Chart PowerPoint Template can also be used for improving the team members’ knowledge through a project experience. They can prepare a thorough chart and discuss how an instance in their project helped them improve some points. Likewise, this model can find its use cases according to the requirements. So, download and try this best PPT template now!

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