Kraljic Matrix PowerPoint Template

Kraljic Matrix Model Template
Presentation of Kraljic Matrix Strategic Sourcing

The Kraljic Matrix PowerPoint Template is designed for businesses to analyze their company’s supply chain management portfolio. It offers two slide presentation templates – Kraljic matrix concept diagram and tabular layout to document strategic sourcing approaches. Supply-chain professionals can take advantage of these pre-made design presentation templates for situations such as prioritizing purchases and ranking suppliers. Kraljic Matrix Strategy presentation templates illustrate critical items of organization, facilitating the implementation of successful strategies.

Kraljic Matrix is a method created by Peter Kraljic to analyze purchasing portfolio of a firm. It is used to segment purchases and suppliers of a company to support the corresponding decisions and actions regarding commodities and products. This matrix consists of two dimensions, i.e., supply risk and profit impact. The four articles of this purchase mapping matrix are low critical, leverage, bottleneck, and strategic items.

The Kraljic Matrix is a supply positioning model applied to both products and services obtained by a company. The 4-segment Matrix model in presentation templates PPT helps place values in relevant quadrants to assess risks and maximize profits. In the context of an automotive manufacturer, having one supplier for engine part incur high cost compare to other purchases. Such suppliers are placed as strategic items. The everyday items like stationery are placed in the non-critical segment. Editable PowerPoint templates like the Karljic Matrix slides template can demonstrate the the classification of a company’s purchase to collaborate with a team. The additional teamwork PowerPoint templates help perform market analysis on items, discuss strategic positioning, and prepare an action plan.

Kraljic Matrix PowerPoint Template is an editable PowerPoint background professional for customizing contents by replacing them with your own. It includes vital points with visual elements for the audience to understand resources, priorities, and objectives. PowerPoint themes to download lets users update presentations frequently for more reviews as dynamic supply base changes. Microsoft PowerPoint templates are accessible in all production apps such as Google Slides Templates.

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