IT Maturity Model PowerPoint Template

The IT Maturity Model PowerPoint Template features a graphical slide for showing the levels of the IT maturity model. A maturity model is a strategic tool that helps organizations estimate their growth or progress with time. The growth is measured through the relative parameters of demand & supply. Executives can better plan process improvements by understanding the current situation through real-time figures. This assessment can also aid in SWOT analysis and quality management of the delivered products. So, a maturity model is a wholesome approach through which professionals can:

  • Highlight the weak points in the process, product quality, or working staff
  • Align all the members and stakeholders with the workflow and the common goal
  • Develop a strategic plan for system and process improvements

Our IT Maturity Model PowerPoint Template shows a graphical diagram having the factors of demand and supply on its y and x-axis, respectively. The graph has an ascending loop that curves at the terminal end. This slope indicates the three phases of the maturity model: business efficiency (support), business effectiveness (improve), and business transformation (innovate). It represents that during the maturity model’s initial phases, the supply hardly meets the demand, and it isn’t fruitful concerning business gains. In contrast, the later phase depicts financial gains in addition to a stable supply & demand balance. 

There are text boxes on both sides of the slope to write down level notes for business needs and IT focus. Presenters can mention the key points using these boxes and know how these areas can be improved. For instance, in quality assurance, professionals can mention the level 1 IT focus point about the betterment of the quality practices of IT products and the level 1 business needs point accordingly. This strategy template is 100% editable and provided in two color schemes. Users can choose and use them for their information technology or business presentations. Both slides are compatible with PowerPoint & Google Slides.

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