Isometric Domino PowerPoint Design

Domino Tiles and Business Man Clipart
Nudge Ripple Effect Presentation
Slide of Businessman Standing over Tiles
PPT Domino in Isometric 3D Design
Domino Template Creative 3D Design

The Isometric Domino PowerPoint Design is an excellent choice for business and other professional presentations. It mainly illustrates a ripple effect, also known as chain reaction. Ripple effect is an analogy for when someone throws a stone in water and it creates a series of concentric circles. These circles, one after another are called ripple effect. But in domino, the Tetris create a linear chain reaction. If one tile falls, it can breakdown of rest of standing tiles one by one. This presentation demonstrates the domino effect of five impressive and useful layouts. The slides of PowerPoint contain domino tiles and businessman clipart. This suggests the ideal use of presentation for multi-purpose business concepts.

The Isometric Domino PowerPoint Design shows a connection between various business situations and how they can affect performance. For example, if company drastically close its franchises from all over the world. It could be the result of one franchise affecting the production cycle of others as well. The first two slides illustrate before and after falling off tiles i.e. a nudge. The businessman with arms crossed and open, and the tiles standing and falling visually presents a domino effect concept. It could demonstrate the cause and effect in many business scenarios. In this editable PowerPoint of isometric domino design, the users can add animations or slide transitions for compelling visual. These are the 3D elements of Isometric domino template. Therefore, the animations like “arrive” and “jump & turn” can give an eye-catching view to the audience.

The PowerPoint domino design contains two slides with change in color of background and tiles. Whereas, the third slide shows businessman standing on a pile of domino tiles. This can portray company’s solution to handle the chain reaction and stop it. The concept of ripple effect and domino is often used in behavioural economics and financial growth.

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