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The Invictus PowerPoint Template is a business presentation layout containing 15 infographic slide designs. These are the company profile templates, enabling professionals to deliver an outstanding business portfolio. The term Invictus means undefeatable and this PowerPoint displays high-quality infographics and images to correlate. Further, it is a structured set of slides presenting information in graphic steps for the company or its project information. For instance, starting from an overview of company to current activities and then propose ideas. The professionals can use this design to introduce company, its strategies, goals, and more. The slides include:

  • Introduction
  • Agenda
  • Who we are?
  • What we do?
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Leader’s quote
  • Desktop Mockup
  • Mobile Mockup
  • About Portfolio
  • Portfolio Timeline
  • Thank you

The Invictus PowerPoint Template is an editable presentation in blue and pink color theme. The users can change this color theme by choosing color pallet in variant menu under design tab of PowerPoint. Furthermore, use of high-quality images as slide background increases the professional outlook of overall presentation. Because it immediately portrays a work environment by displaying teamwork or computer concept images. The use of desktop computers and desktops also represent software and technology projects. Especially, the vector image of mobile mockup, which presenter can use to explain device or application features. Alternatively, you can download other presentation templates for PowerPoint with professionally-designed slides.

This company profile template is suitable for conveying complex project proposals and simplified graphical manner. Such business presentations assist in communicating key information to the audience using graphic symbols in images. Like an eye for mission (business approach) and mountaintop for vision (future position). Using Invictus PowerPoint can enable professional in any field to build their brand identity. They can use the original design, make small changes in color theme, and export as video. They can use that video as welcoming presentation at reception for clients. Or, use the same PowerPoint with few slide changes at every project proposal meeting to save time.

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