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Template GROW Model Diagram for PPT
PPT Slide Template for GROW Coaching Model

Create a realistic and impactful coaching session flow-chart with our 100% editable GROW Model Diagram PowerPoint Template. The GROW coaching skills model refers to the sequential steps adopted to tackle an issue or help individuals decide what to learn and how to improve their performance and skills. It is an acronym of 

  • Goal Setting: deciding what you want to attain or achieve
  • Current Reality: considering the obstacles or harder things you need to overcome
  • Options: thinking of the possible options that you can adopt in reaching your goal
  • Way Forward or Will: the final plan that you’ll operate in action

Presenters can use our GROW infographic diagram to plan their coaching and mentoring lectures to become helpful for the team members. By keeping this model in view, professionals can channel their discussion to a fruitful ending. For instance, a sales manager can guide his team members on how he can generate more sales, what the target should be, and how he can look into the options and realities. Further, this GROW coaching model can also be used to self-motivate and decide what to do next in any situation. 

This GROW Model Diagram PowerPoint Template contains two slides showing a branching diagram for the GROW model. The first slide shows a horizontal branch infographic in which four curved lines emerge from the central rectangular shape, leading to four color-coded bars. These four bar figures indicate the parts of GROW model and carry the titles and editable text areas. The second slide also shows a similar diagram in a vertical orientation. Users can choose between slides and customize them to present their presentation points. They can also change the color scheme and font styles and adjust the design according to their theme. So, download our GROW model infographic diagram and edit it with PowerPoint and Google Slides.

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