Flat Sticky Notes with Icons for PowerPoint

Simple Flat Icons for PowerPoint

Trendy icons is what Flat Sticky Notes with Icons for PowerPoint can offer to spice up any report. These PowerPoint objects are colorful and neat. They are what every user needs to decorate slides or make annotations.

Post-it notes are generally used as a reminder or organizer although they can serve a lot more purpose. They are small pieces of paper with a sticky strip at the back. It has a low-pressure adhesive making it reusable. The original notes come in a small, square paper and a yellow color. Now, they are available in many different colors and shapes. Despite being a brand with product patent, the term “Post-it” is used as a generic for all sticky notes these days. The colors can bring out the fun under pressure.

Decorating, art and technology are some of the lesser-known application of this PowerPoint template. They are ideal for organizing. The notes can emphasize points or comments in of the user in the presentation. This way, the audience can grasp the important ideas easily.

The first slide features 8 different colored Post-it notes. Each note includes an icon that can represent the written content. For example, the first note has a video icon. This can mean that the content talks about a video or that there is a video attached to the comments in the PowerPoint object. In the second slide, the user can find the 8 useful icons that appeared in the first slide design. The presenter can copy and paste these PowerPoint icons anywhere in the report. The following are the icons arranged from left to right – Youtube video, Paper Bag, Gear, Cloud with an arrow, Computer monitor, Thoughts textbox, Telephone, and Calendar.

Expose the creative side of any presentation using Flat Sticky Notes with Icons for PowerPoint. Flat Sticky Notes Shape for PowerPoint is another sticky note-filled PowerPoint template. Check it out at the SlideModel gallery with other downloadable templates.

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