Flat Pipeline PowerPoint Shapes

PowerPoint Leaking Tap PowerPoint Shape
PowerPoint Tube Shape Leaking Pipeline
PowerPoint Shapes of Pipeline and Water Flow
PowerPoint Pipeline and Water Shapes Transversal Cut View
Three Steps PowerPoint Pipelines Leaking Shapes
PowerPoint Shapes of Pipeline and Funnel

Flat Pipeline PowerPoint Shapes is a professional template designed to provide clipart related to pipelines. The user can create business metaphors related to:

  1. A leaky pipe, resulting in loss of water flow from tap (leakages/waste in revenue)
  2. A leaky tap
  3. Blocks in the line – preventing smooth flow of water. This looks like a transversal cut of the pipeline, showing the water flow and some blocks within it.
  4. Fluid movement in the pipe : Transversal cut of the pipe, showing the fluid movement.
  5. A big pipe and valves – leading to 3 or 4 smaller pipes
  6. Big to small shaped pipes in sync leading to water coming out from a Tap (looking like a funnel)

The leaky pipeline is a metaphor for the way that one variable of a set of variables flowing through a process, starts decreasing its volume towards the process moves forward.

Generally used when describing demographics phenomena,like the leaky pipe of woman traversing the STEM educational pipeline. Users can  map problems in budget management, showing places of the process where budget is leaking; being spent without a clear control.

Sales teams extensively use the concept of pipeline, and also the Funnel concept, to describe the sales process. The Flat Pipeline PowerPoint Shapes can be used to describe the leaky steps of the process where the team is losing prospects.

Pipelines metaphors are also used in low level software programming when describing the abstractions of byte communications.

All the pipeline shapes in this template are created as PowerPoint objects. The user can fully customize each shape appearance. The template is compatible with all major versions of Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides.

The user can combine the Pipeline PowerPoint Shapes with any of our PowerPoint Icons and reinforce different subjects over the flow.

Impress your audience decorating your slides with professional PowerPoint Shapes. Visually transmit your metaphor with the help of the Flat Pipeline PowerPoint Shapes.

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