Flat Hands Icon Set for PowerPoint

Slide of Victory Symbol Shape
Clipboard PowerPoint Design for Report
Agreement Slide Design Handshaking
Simple Slide Template of High Fiving
Finger Pointing at Button Illustration
Visually Interactive Graphical Icons Set
Slide of Right and Wrong Icon Finger Pointing
Illustration of Table Use for Business
Document Signing Visual Graphics
Clipboard Report Signing Template
Hand Signing Illustration PPT

The Flat Hands Icon Set for PowerPoint is an incredible slide deck of gesture shapes majorly relevant to business. These are the 11 interactive slides of PowerPoint shapes containing flat vector images. The visually interactive templates are useful for displaying the activities of company. For example, pointing, thumbs up, holding, writing etc. The hand gestures use in the PowerPoint can make a huge difference while demonstrating the company’s professional profile. This can include the upcoming opportunities, innovative solutions or the products and services of the organization. The PowerPoint clip art of flat hands icon set is the contemporary design trend. It has the minimalist style template slides offering simplicity to the layout, shapes and background.

The Flat Hands Icon Set for PowerPoint has the layer clipart objects of vector design. Therefore, the graphics can easily ungroup and readjust the shapes as require. However, rescaling the images does not affect the resolution quality of these flat vector hands icon set. For instance, the first PowerPoint slide showing the victory symbol hand gesture. Here, each finger template is an individual clipart which users can move, rotate or duplicate to customize more images. Further, the PowerPoint template of hands icon set has the collection of gestures. Such as, report writing, hand shake high-fiving, finger pointing, thumbs up and down, index finger on circular right and wrong. Moreover, an illustration of a person using a tablet and signing the documents including the reports on clipboard.

This editable PowerPoint of flat hands icon set has simple blue background and supporting clipart shapes. This is a perfect set of hands PowerPoint Icons for any upcoming business presentations. For example, use the clipboard report checking illustration of hands for assessment presentations. Similarly, handshake, thumbs up and down for the project proposal meetings where executives make the decisions. The use of these flat hands icon set can assist in better selling the business services. Moreover, the graphic illustration aids in simplifying complex ideas for the audience without an extra effort on user’s side.

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