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Extreme Programming PowerPoint Templates

The Extreme Programming PowerPoint Templates is a concept design to present one of the modern agile methodologies. This presentation template shows agile processes, workflow, values, development cycle, etc. The visual graphics enable an audience to comprehend the concept through shapes and figures. Extreme programming (XP) is a type of agile software development methodology. It differs from the traditional agile methods by focusing more on adaptability than predictability. Since it is responsive to frequent changes, the XP delivers a project in short development cycles. These shot development cycles assist in increasing productivity and checkpoints (story cards). And the extreme programming PowerPoint provides several slides to cover certain aspects of this methodology.

The Extreme Programming PowerPoint Templates is a self-explanatory set of 11 slides. These slides include the following XP concepts:

  • Agile Process: Series of steps to complete a task. Four basic activities are performed during the development process, i.e., coding, testing, listening, and designing.
  • Agile Development: Term for iterative and incremental “Integrate and test” process.
  • XP Workflow: Continuous test and integration cycle
  • XP Iterative Development: A feedback loop
  • XP Values: Number of values and principles on top of agile methodology framework to perform well as a team
  • Story Card: A checkpoint format layout for customers’ requirements.
  • XP Lifecycle: Flowchart to set up project goals and iterative cycles.
  • XP Developer: Team of programmers
  • Agile Project Budget: Estimate cost and time. Create flexibility in a budget in terms of swapping features.

The PowerPoint presentation of extreme programming is a suitable template for software companies. It could assist them in presenting their development methodology to their clients. Likewise, educate the team and all the stakeholders involved in the process through easy-to-understand PowerPoint diagrams. Although, this PowerPoint contains all the required information to help viewers learn extreme programming methodology. The users can change the textual and graphical content to align with their project presentation.

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