Environmental Consulting ESG PowerPoint Template

Editable Environmental Consulting ESG Cover Slide
PowerPoint Environmental Consulting Presentation Agenda Slide
Environmental Consulting Presentation Title Slide
Company Details Slide for Environmental Consulting Presentation
PPT Process Slide Design with Icons
PowerPoint Presentation Slide for Problem Discussion
Goals Presentation Slide with Clipart Icons - Environmental Consulting Template
PPT Slide Template for Analysis Presentation with Editable Numbers
PPT Slide Template for Analysis Display
ESG Presentation Template Data-Driven Bar Chart Slide
PPT Slide Template for Analysis Presentation with Donut Chart
PowerPoint Area Plot for Analysis Presentation
Environmental Consulting ESG Template - Editable Map Slide
Environmental Consulting Team Slide
Quote Slide with Hut Background - PPT Template
Editable Ending Slide with Placeholder Text
PPT Slide with Icons - ESG Presentation Template Resource Slide

The Environmental Consulting ESG PowerPoint Template is a slide deck for consultant presentations. The slides contain relatable visuals of trees, plants, and huts with a bright green background to complement the presenters’ message. Environmental consulting firms are established to advise businesses about their impact on the environment, society, and governance (ESG). These teams perform analyses and present them before the client organizations that help them improve certain functionalities concerning ESG. All our Environmental Consulting template slides are editable and carry defined segments to incorporate discussion points.

Our Environmental Consulting ESG PowerPoint Template begins with a cover slide to mention the firm’s name and presentation title. The background of this consulting PowerPoint template shows a hut, windmill, and plants. The second slide is designed to showcase the presentation agenda. It shows a vertical array of fluid design circular shapes, each representing the agenda points. The following two slides present the company introduction and the segment’s title. Users can conveniently edit the placeholder text to add the relevant data. The next three slides have infographic icons to help present the process, the problem, and the goals. These slides have appropriate PowerPoint shape icons, e.g., recycling arrows and plant in hand. However, users can replace the clipart according to their choice.

Further, this ESG PowerPoint Template has a series of analysis presentation slides with multiple components. For instance, editable numbers, bar graphs, area plots, donut charts, and semi-circle diagrams with icons. Users can also use the map slide to indicate geographical data and details. Similarly, the ESG PPT Template also has slides for showing team members and a quote. So, with this presentation template, consultants can grab their clients’ attention and win their choice by presenting details concisely. The slides are also compatible with Google Slides and Keynote.

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