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Presentation Agenda PowerPoint Employee Handbook
Presentation Quote PowerPoint Employee Handbook
Presentation About Us PowerPoint Employee Handbook
Mission and Values PowerPoint Employee Handbook
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3 Steps Policy PowerPoint Employee Handbook
Company Benefits PowerPoint Employee Handbook
Holiday Timeline PowerPoint Employee Handbook
Company Expectations PowerPoint Employee Handbook
Legal Matters PowerPoint Employee Handbook
Thank You PowerPoint Employee Handbook

An employee handbook is a company policy manual that businesses use as a valuable communication resource for employers and employees. This document is designed to provide guidance and information about the company’s history, vision, mission, values, policies, procedures, and opportunities. It serves as a critical building block for positive workspace culture and mutual trust. The employee handbook includes information about company culture, values, human resources, legal information, and requirements of onboarding employee.

The Employee Handbook Presentation Template is an editable slide deck to summarize documentation in a business presentation. You can outline the important points in each topic of the employee handbook using this onboarding slides. With the help of appealing graphic content and eye-catching layouts, users can engage the audience and deliver a crucial message effectively.

The cover slide of the employee handbook PowerPoint has a workplace background with sections to highlight business logo and company name. The presentation agenda template features books image in the background to make handbook contents engaging. You can use the quote slide template to present the CEO’s message or motivational quote. A similar design is also useful for presenting client or employee feedback about the company culture.

The employee handbook is divided into sections of company information, benefits, expectations from an employee, and legal matters. The part of business information includes slides of About Us, Mission & Values, HR team introduction. These slides offer attractive layouts with photo placeholders to add employee photos. The clipart icons for company values help connect values to meaningful imagery.

The Employee Handbook Presentation Template presents 3 steps circular diagram to describe company’s offers. You can describe the key cultural values offered by a company such as policy for harassment, discrimination, equality, and work classification. The 3 column slide of benefits is suitable to display employment benefits such as medical insurance, on-job training, career growth. This segment also includes a horizontal timeline template for yearly company holidays. Using a timeline template in a presentation is essential to chronologically order each of the facts you are presenting. The 3 icon slide of expectations from employees lets the audience focus on the requirements of an organization. The slide of resignation is useful for presenting legal issues that may arise.

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