Emergency Management PowerPoint Template

Emergency Management Plan PPT Template
Emergency Management Plan PowerPoint Template
Emergency Management Presentation Template - Contents Slide
Emergency Management PowerPoint Template - Introduction Slide
Template for Emergency Management Cycle
Template Slide for Emergency Management
Template Slide for Steps of Emergency Management
Emergency Management PPT Template - 5-Step Core Diagram
Emergency Management PPT Template - Table of Roles and Responsibilities
Slide for Corporate Emergency Response Plan
Slide template for Trigger and Action Response Plan

The Emergency Management PowerPoint Template is a creative layout for presenting different emergency management models. Emergency management is defined as rules or strategic measures aiming to reduce vulnerability to risks and manage disasters. Its primary focus is to spare the business flow and maintain a smooth overall workflow in the corporate sector. For this purpose, a proper mitigation and management plan is drawn at the beginning of the start-up. This PowerPoint template is helpful in this context, as companies and businesses can utilize various models to present a management schema before their team members or employees.

The design and color scheme of the template corresponds to the hazard marker signs, i.e., yellow and black. The Emergency Management PowerPoint Template is a deck of 11 slides based on distinct ideas, which are:

  • Title Slides: The title slides show hazard symbols and are available in two background color variations.
  • Table of Contents: This is a simple slide showing 7 points to outline the topics covered in the presentation.
    Introduction Slide: The introduction slide is a creative arrow diagram showing several markers. The break-in this arrow represents the risk of occurrence of a disaster, while the upward curve of the arrow depicts the recovery phase.
  • Emergency Management Cycle: A circular-shaped diagram consisting of 4 steps represents the steps of emergency management, namely, Mitigation (Risk evaluation and preventive measures for risks), Preparedness (Strategies to eradicate hazards if encountered), Response(Particular Steps for control), Recovery (Several steps and measured taken after the disaster is over-taken)
  • Emergency Management Infographics: The two infographic slides are designed to elaborate on the steps of management using the three labeled steps to summarize the key elements visually. Also, there is a 5 step mind-map diagram for presenting core steps involved in emergency management.
  • Roles and Responsibilities: This is a table slide to explain the roles and responsibilities of various departments or individuals in emergency management.
  • Corporate Emergency Response Plan: The slide contains a graph having four quadrants. Presenters can discuss the significance of each factor involved in the management process using this graphical diagram.
  • Trigger and Action Response Plan (TARP): It is a 3×4 table slide where the columns represent the three steps of risk management, i.e., T, A, and R. While the rows depict the severity of the event, i.e., Level 1, 2 and 3

The Emergency Management PPT Template is thus a comprehensive approach to define and elaborate the process of emergency management. This template is 100% editable; hence users can replace or customize it according to their requirements.

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