Elegant Global PowerPoint Template

Animated Agenda Slide Design with 4 Elements
Animated Multi Step Slide Design for PowerPoint
Awesome 3D Multi-Level Slide Design - 5 Levels
Animated Timeline Design for PowerPoint Right Arrow
Simple SWOT Diagram with PowerPoint Icons

Elegant Global PowerPoint Template– a group of selected high quality designs on a light gray world map background. The wide array of diagrams on the Microsoft PowerPoint template is fully reusable. Appeal to general and professional audiences using Elegant Global PowerPoint Template. The cool graphics can surely engage the audience and generate a productive presentation.

100% customizable, the PowerPoint shapes can aid the user to supplement any presentation. From SWOT analysis to timelines and pyramid charts, the presenter can opt to alter the shapes and placement within the slide designs. The colors can be changed to fit in a color scheme. The text placeholders can be moved around to fit the presentation theme. The features were especially designed to be functional. Thus, they can be easily edited using the PowerPoint shapes menu.

The collection of slides includes a 4-step diagram, SWOT Analysis, 5-step presentation template, pyramid graph and an arrow timeline. They are in 2D and 3D styles with shadow highlights. As the title says, the design is elegant and simple. The casual yet professional feel can capture the audience at any rate. There are 8 unique slide designs. Some slides contain meaningful and useful icons. The second slide for example display a stopwatch, coffee mug and notepad with a check. These can be related to the subject matters in that particular diagram.

The template was made to suit general topics. It is generic and flexible. It is ideal for environment presentation. It is perfect for business reports and in any 4-step and 5-step process presentations. The pyramid graph can be used to showcase value comparison. The timeline can illustrate the flow of a program or plan.

Generate catchy animations and visuals through Elegant Global PowerPoint Template. More options are downloadable at 6 Step PowerPoint Templates found at the SldieModel gallery.

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