Donut Chart Template Design for PowerPoint

Donut Chart Slide Design for PowerPoint
30/70 Donut Chart Energy Slide Design
30/70 Donut Chart Design for PowerPoint
80/20 Donut Chart for Logistics with Truck Icon
4 Flat Icon Design for PowerPoint

Improve the presentation of statistical data using the Donut Chart Template Design for PowerPoint. The template is a presentation theme containing creative doughnut diagrams that can be easily edited and customized for all presentation needs.

The template uses generic minimalist icons that the audience can easily relate to in these infographics. These flat-design icons include an alarm clock, a light bulb, a magnifying glass, and a delivery van. These are common symbols which have presumed definitions when they are used. For example, the alarm clock refers to time, the lightbulb to energy, the magnifying glass to discovery, and the delivery truck to delivery. These concepts can be translated to the doughnut charts as parts of a whole.

A doughnut chart can show the percentage distribution of the amount of resources given to a particular components of business, relative to the other components. The presenter can show that 20% of all manpower and other resources is allocated to research and discovery. This is then compared with the other components, allowing the audience and the presenter to analyze the proper allocation of the resources.

The Donut charts are created with PowerPoint Charts. They are 100% editable through excel data. No design customization is needed to change the values.

The Donut Chart Template Design for PowerPoint is suitable for business plans and deliberations where the comparison allocation are being discussed. The charts and graphs located in the slides can be edited with the Excel function, as they are data-driven, by using the raw data as input in a spreadsheet. The PowerPoint objects are fully customizable.

The user can combine this Donut Chart with additional graphics from our Data & Charts Gallery and create professional infographics that appeal to global audiences.

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