Creative SWOT PowerPoint Template

Creative SWOT PowerPoint Template – a fine and effective tool for smart business and personal development. Designed with flat shapes and colorful objects, the PowerPoint template is an effective visual aid. The diagram illustrate with meaningful icons and default texts. The minimized textual content makes it interesting and attractive. It can surely appeal to global audiences.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats are the 4 elements of SWOT analysis. Each component is identified for a specific purpose. The business might want to enter on a new project, expansion or approach. It can be applied in a personal level. The individual can determine personal strengths and focus on developing them even more. Weaknesses can be established and improve later on. It all starts with the awareness that these things affect the growth of any entity. After that, one can decide on how to deal with these influencing forces. It is an extremely significant concept for companies, organizations and people.

The first slide covers the complete output of the diagram. It shows an equally sliced pie chart. The 4 parts enclose the four elements of SWOT Analysis. They are labelled with corresponding titles on text placeholders. Every element is symbolized by flat shape icons in different colors as follows:

Strengths- Dark blue- Biceps
Weaknesses- Light blue- Thumb down
Threats- Yellow- Exclamation point
Opportunities- Dull olive- Crown

The next 4 slides individually highlight the parts of the diagram. A text box is positioned on the right side of the slides to incorporate brief descriptions. The last slide summarizes the contents of the report in a compressed layout.

Ideal for business planning presentations, the PowerPoint design is an efficient analysis tool. The model is perfect in capturing the factors that compose a person, organization or company. It can apply to project planning, business management and decision-making.

Creative SWOT PowerPoint Template can develop smart and quality graphics for impressive presentations. SWOT PowerPoint templates feature a variety of styles. It is a category of downloadable templates from the SlideModel gallery.

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