Connected Floors 4 Steps PowerPoint Diagram

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The Connected Floors 4 Steps PowerPoint Diagram is an appealing design template to elaborate a topic or strategy containing 4 steps. This presentation design is created with PowerPoint shapes, giving a 3D visual effect, for most audience engagement. This is a practical presentation template to describe a work flow or a feasibility of any startup.

This PowerPoint Theme demonstrates the basic 4 steps of creative processing model e.g. preparation, incubation, illumination and implementation. These steps are structured as floor levels in this PowerPoint presentation design. In the first stage, during the preparation, maximum creativity is involved. The next stage is a development process which is accomplished by collaborative teamwork. The business stage is a point where organizational process assets and enterprise environmental factor are structured. At this point, the activities are standardized according to global merits. The last is a success which is achieved only by careful operation in previous steps.

The Connected Floors 4 Steps PowerPoint Diagram with 5 slides is a professionally designed deck. The levels are represented in a 3D floor shape and upward progression is displayed with zigzag-stair style silhouettes. The cool shadow-colored floors are labeled and categorized with infographic icons. These icons include idea-thinking, hand, suitcase and arrow-target, usable in every 4-step work flow presentation. In this PowerPoint, each slide shows businessman icon climbing up the stairs demonstrate growth. The template is 100% editable Clipart vector with text placeholders to add brief description of topic. The users can modify object properties or reuse these objects in another slide or presentation and impress their audience with an attractive, modern-looking design.

Ideally, this presentation can be used to illustrate work strategy planning in 4-steps to a company staff. It gives them a visual interpretation of resources, work instructions and goals to achieve. It can also be used in educational sector by teachers or students to describe number of possible topics due to its flexibility which suits everyone’s need.

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