Conflict Resolution Slides for PowerPoint

Flat Hands Conflict Resolution Slide

The Conflict Resolution Slides for PowerPoint contains two creative slides of an arm-wrestle illustration as a metaphor for conflict resolution or conflict management. Produce a simple, minimalist introduction to a presentation on conflict resolution. With the use of the slide designs, the presenter can elaborate on the topic without having to overload the audience with a barrage of information.

The main feature of the PowerPoint template is a vector illustration of two arms that appear to be wrestling. One thing to note, however, is that the two competitors also appear to be wearing professional executive attire. This clipart can be used as a metaphor for office conflict. These only rarely result in physical confrontations, with high-ranking executives and professionals choosing to display their conflict through more sophisticated way. Bearing grudges, these professionals, for example, resort to prolonging the other party’s requests which have to go through them. These types of behavior may appear logical to the two parties, but these are, from a non-subjective point of view, usually result in increasingly childish maneuvers that only prolong professional interactions.

This reveals another use for the PowerPoint template. It can be applied in special presentations to show ways to manage conflicts in a calm, mature manner. This helps maintain a professional atmosphere in the workplace by allowing the employees to settle their conflicts on their own. The topic can also be used in human resource management seminars, specializing in dealing with difficult people.

Most suitable as an introductory slide to the presentation, the Conflict Resolution Slides for PowerPoint is fully customizable. The presenter can use the text placeholders provided to insert the title and related descriptions for the topic. The clipart and other PowerPoint graphics can also be edited to suit the audience better, and ensure better participation and information retention. The presenter can also choose to download other PowerPoint templates, such as the Basic Strategic Plan Template for PowerPoint

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