Conflict Resolution PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint Flat Design Shape of Paper Plan and Target
PowerPoint Clipart of Traffic Sign with Opposing Paths
PowerPoint Material Design Hand with Checklist Clipart
PowerPoint Checklist Agreement Topics
PowerPoint Checklist Disagreement Toipcs
PowerPoint Shapes of Jigsaw Puzzle for Conflict Resolution Metaphor
PowerPoint Shapes of Traffic Sign
PowerPoint Diagram of Conflict Resolution
PowerPoint Shapes of Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution PowerPoint Template – Conflict Resolution, also known as Reconciliation, consists of the disciplines applied in facilitating a peaceful ending of a conflict. Generally conflict resolution involves active communication of information about conflicting motives or ideologies in order to engage into collective negotiation. Presenters can use the conflict resolution PowerPoint template to create professional presentations during conflict resolutions negotiations or analysis. The template provides built-in diagrams, shapes and clipart to assist the description of conflicting topics and how to overcome the differences through negotiation.

The main metaphor in the cover slide of the PowerPoint template consists of a paper plan being thrown into a target, representing the common objective of reaching an agreement. As the second metaphor, a traffic sign with two opposing arrows is presented. The metaphor represents both points of view; the user is encouraged to describe the conflicting situation at this point of the presentation. Following the opposing topics, the template provides two slides with a flat design hand PowerPoint shape describe the action of checklist, in order to review in which areas the conflicting parties agree and disagree. The metaphor of jigsaw puzzle is presented, where the user can elaborate how conflicting parties are pieces of a unified element.

The template provides a Conflict Resolution PowerPoint diagram to analyze the current position of each involved party after each review. Every Negotiation process is iterative, and parties positioning is analyzed on each iteration. The conflict resolution diagram map consists of a cartesian axis; the vertical axis measures Assertiveness, ranging for unassertive to assertive, the horizontal axis measures cooperativeness , ranging from uncooperative to cooperative. This map defines five concepts that describe the negotiators:

  • Competing
  • Avoiding
  • Compromising
  • Collaborating
  • Accommodating

The Conflict Resolution PowerPoint Template is created with Flat design, applying modern vectorial techniques to create professional PowerPoint Icons. Each shape is 100% editable, allowing the user to fully customize its appearance.

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