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Use the editable slides of our CODM Model PowerPoint Template for group meetings and managerial company discussions. The CODM model, or Harnett’s CODM model of decision-making, is a wholesome and widely used technique to resolve complex situations or group controversies. As its name indicates, it is a Consensus Oriented Decision-Making strategy involving multiple steps to bring all individuals to a common consensus. It can help managers and business owners make important decisions that the constituent groups and departments can readily accept. This CODM Model template features an introduction, flowchart, and process presentation slides in a catchy color scheme. Presenters can conveniently download the template and use the slides according to their use cases. All slides are also compatible with Google Slides and Keynote.  

Our CODM Model PowerPoint Template begins with a modern four-column slide, each segment indicating the individual model alphabets. The columns have two vertical parts; in the above part, the title is mentioned, and the corresponding alphabet is mentioned in bold style. Likewise, meaningful infographic PowerPoint icons are added in the lower part, i.e., shaking hands for consensus, compass for oriented, flags for decision, and settings symbol for making. A similar diagram in the vertical layout is provided on the second slide of the CODM Model PowerPoint template. Presenters can add a short description on this slide before each title. The following is a zig-zag flowchart of the model showing the key steps that are:

  • Frame the problem (understand the root issue and outline the points)
  • Have an open discussion (follow a round-robin session to discuss the points)
  • Identifying underlying concerns (figure out the concerns from the discussion)
  • Develop proposals (conclude some possible solutions to the issue)
  • Choose a direction (try to shortlist a feasible opinion that is generally acceptable)
  • Develop a preferred solution (keeping all aspects in mind, create a solution statement)
  • Close and monitor (look for acceptance and address the concerns if they appear)

Presenters can edit the PowerPoint shapes and colors accordingly and mention relevant points. The next slides of this CODM Model PPT template carry a five rows table diagram displaying consensus techniques such as analyzing, setting goals, choosing a strategy, assigning roles, and tracking progress. Each row has a distinct color and provides space to add presentation points. After the first slide, the following color highlights each segment by greying the others. This way, users can discuss every phase in detail. So, download this PPT template and prepare your business presentation conveniently!

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