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Diagram of Circular Economy in PowerPoint

The circular economy is a business strategy to fulfill important social needs while tackling climate change and biodiversity loss. It helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, waste, and pollution. A circular economy is an approach to rebuilding capital in terms of finance, manufacturing, human, social, or natural. Many businesses are adapting to a circular economy with the aim to produce best results with minimum pollution. The circular economy diagram illustrates a continuous flow of processes that create a value circle.

The Circular Economy Diagram Slide for PowerPoint shows users with four process cycles. These are services, refurbish, parts harvesting, and cycle. The vertical process sequence describes the inputs required to implement each process cycle. You can present innovative ideas and business proposals for a sustainable economy that is environmentally friendly.

In addition to slide colors, the PowerPoint template includes useful clipart icons to describe elements of circular economy through graphics. The recycling icon can describe all types of recycling in the manufacturing business. The screws and nut bolts represent parts harvesting i.e. make use of materials. The refurbishing process uses icon of a factory to idealize remaking or fixing up old materials. Symbol of tools refers to services or settings that you can use to discuss products or services in a circular economy.

The Circular Economy Diagram Slide for PowerPoint is a concept model for a circular economy. The template shows a loop of concentric circles and process sequence to describe circular economy. It is basically a transformation from a linear economy to sustainability by eliminating waste, best use of resources, and regeneration of nature. The PowerPoint diagram of circular economy is helpful for explaining the concept through easy-to-understand visuals. Alternatively, individuals can use other circular economy slides and templates for making presentations on sustainable topics, like the waste management PowerPoint template.

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