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PowerPoint Change Management Template Slide
PowerPoint Slide Template for Change Management Model

The Change Management Diagram Slide Template features the three simultaneous processes essentially occurring in change management. Change is introducing new technology, strategy, or policy to improve the overall performance. During this change process, the teams, departments, and executives are coherently involved in impacting the consequences of the initiative. So, the overall change journey can be divided into three segments:

  • Individual change journey (ADKAR model): Following the steps of this model, i.e., Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement, executives can develop a plan to create interest and motivation among the employees for the change to occur. For instance, they can generally make them aware of the necessity of the required change and get them enthusiastic about it. Similarly, the ability and knowledge phases denote training the members and addressing the barriers.
  • General project lifecycle (PDDD): Like any other project, the change project has the stages of Plan, Design, Develop and Deploy. Following this path, professionals create a solid plan to implement the changing motive.
  • Organizational change management: In addition to creating an applicable plan and interest among the teams, monitoring the change process is crucial at the organizational level. It has three stages: 1- strategy, 2- Plan, and 3- Measures to sustain the change.

Our Change Management Diagram Slide Template represents how these three processes take place by involving different components of an organization to implement and manage change successfully. The slide shows three horizontal flow diagrams, each having chevron segments. A gradient color scheme is used in these diagrams, which carry representative titles and infographic icons. The light grey background color is applied behind these diagrams.

Presenters can use this slide in their presentations to discuss the change management processes with executives. The slide is editable with all versions of PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote. Users can change the color scheme and font styles or add descriptions accordingly. It is also provided in a dark background color variant. So, download and edit this easy-to-customize PowerPoint template for your company presentations!

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