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PowerPoint Template for Business Model Canvas
PowerPoint Template for Business Model Canvas - Blue Background

The Business Model Canvas Widget Design is a PowerPoint based business model canvas. The template is a single pager and comprises nine different-sized boxes arranged in a matrix structure. The headings to be mentioned in the business model are distributed in these text areas.

The business model canvas is designed to present a lean start-up business model or improve an already established operating model. The presentation using this template aims to avoid costly failure due to implementing a wring strategy.

Different business model parameters are distributed across the canvas in the same sequence originally designed by Osterwalder’s 2004. The parameters are written in the form of titles. For instance, Key Activities, Key Partners, and Key resources are mentioned on the left hand. So left part of the canvass is related to the input and working strategies for the business. On the right side, the titles of the Customer relationship, Customers Segments, and Channels are displayed. And hence, the right side can help the present outcome of business in the form of customer target and requirement estimation. In the center of the canvas, the value proposition is placed; that helps display the value key points that will be maintained throughout the execution of this strategy.

The Busines Model Canvas Widget Design has many uses. For example, corporate firms can use this template to make hypothetical working business models for their new ideas. The template’s design is easy to understand. and can provide concise Information for the ideation of new businesses. Entrepreneurs can also present their business models to investors to explain their current model and the previous pivots. Further, business students may also utilize this template for making assignments and research synopsis.

You can edit each component of this template and easily present your innovative business society on any platform. The business model canvass template is 100% editable and editable on Google Slides.

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