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Basketball Court Game Plan PowerPoint Shapes – Game on! This template is a slam dunk for your presentation. From marketing planning, operations enhancements and sales strategy to customer handling techniques – this template makes your 3 point shot.  Basketball is the most enjoyed game to men, literally to males. Although it’s catching up with women too in the past decades, when you say basketball or when you see a picture of a court, the immediate idea is that guys will enjoy it. And that is what’s great about this template.  As of today, men still outnumber women in the boardroom and this template makes a presentation something they can easily relate to. The points and bottom lines in you presentation will be easier to convey when it’s delivered as an analogy to basketball.

There are a lot techniques we employ in conducting seminars, lectures and the like. Whenever we create a presentation, we consider the type of audience it will have. And then, we use templates and patterns applicable to the audience. If it’s a business presentation, we make sure that we use the nicest template. But sometimes tackling presentation challenges on a little personal level is more effective. Just like involving a sport that the majority of your audience likes. It’s something they will surely be able to relate, especially if they play the game. It will remind them of the discipline, perseverance and joy of winning a game. And most especially, the first thing it will remind them is how fun it is to play basketball. That way, the presentation will be less tensed and more enjoyable even though it’s about business or anything that is actually more serious. After all, business itself is just like basketball – there are teams, teamwork, strategies, time frame and goals.

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