Atmosphere Layers PowerPoint Template

The Atmosphere Layers PowerPoint Template is an excellent educational presentation. The template contains a globe image that illustrates geology concepts. This atmosphere template includes two slides to display five different invisible layers that graphically surround the earth. These two slides are a distinct version of the world and atmosphere concept and can be used in presentations on layers of the atmosphere. For instance, the first slide shows a creative and colorful design containing shapes and icons. At the same time, the second slide gives a clean and straightforward display, i.e., a summary view of the topic in a blue pie shape. Therefore, it is a perfect learning presentation of geological prospecting, space, and environment. Especially in schools, this visually attractive layout can help explain each atmospheric layer. Further, these graphics can present complex atmospheric layers according to each educational standard.

The Atmosphere Layers PowerPoint Template shows five concentric circles where the earth is at its core. The presentation background shows the night sky with random start icons around the outer layer. However, the main diagram shows a half-circle view of all concentric circles, including the globe. And each circle represents one out of five atmospheric layers. These include:

  1. Troposphere: The lowest layer extending 6-10 km from the earth’s surface.
  2. Stratosphere: A second central atmospheric layer upwards from the troposphere to 50km above the earth’s surface.
  3. Mesosphere: Between Stratosphere and Thermosphere, 50-80 km in altitude.
  4. Thermosphere: Above 80km where temperature increase continuously.
  5. Exosphere: Earth’s outermost atmospheric region with the densest air.

This PowerPoint of atmosphere layers is a set of shapes and icons to deliver geology or environment-related content effectively. Each layer of the atmosphere contains clipart, assisting the audience in understanding these levels. For example, the troposphere shows clouds, hot air balloons, and airplanes. At the same time, the stratosphere contains fighter aircraft, meteoroids in the mesosphere, satellites in the thermosphere, and space rockets in the exosphere. Alternatively, you can download other atmosphere layers diagram slides for PowerPoint presentations combining unique designs and illustrations of Atmosphere, or other 5 layer slide diagrams for presentations.

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