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PowerPoint Shapes for Assembly Line Metaphor
PowerPoint Shapes of Assembly Line Two Steps Workstation
PowerPoint Clipart Conveyor Belt Three Steps Gears Workstation
PowerPoint Four Gears Shapes Conveyor Belt
Assembly Line for Five Workstations Metaphor for PowerPoint
PowerPoint Clipart and Icons for Assembly Line Metaphor
PowerPoint Assembly Line Shapes with Seven Workstations
PowerPoint Gear Shapes in Conveyor Belt
PowerPoint Shapes Assembly Line Funnel Scene
PowerPoint Shapes Conveyor Belt Assembly Line
PowerPoint Clipart Assembly Line Scene
PowerPoint Shapes of Cardboard Box
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Assembly Line PowerPoint Shapes – An assembly line is a process created for manufacturing. Parts are added to the manufactured product as it moves through the assembly from workstation to workstation. Each part is added in sequence until the final product is produced. The assembled product is moved mechanically through the assembly line, improving the logistics of moving pieces. The assembly line manufacturing process developed the specialization concept, where workers focused in a small amount of tasks in order to produce faster and better. Finally Automation and robotics substituted workers on the work stations, generating the modern assembly line the industry utilizes today.

The main concepts in an assembly line are:

  • The conveyor belt: The products are moved through a conveyor belt transporting the semi-assembled products. Each time the belt stops in a work station a worker (or automation machine) places a new piece into the product or implements a task.
  • The Workstation: Each product is assembled from different parts. Each workstation is specialized in that part or task (could be the installation of an electronic circuit or the task of painting the label)
  • The Product: The process was created to build products. The product plays a central role in the assembly line.

Different business metaphors can be applied to the assembly line concept. Generally applied to teamwork, business processes or marketing tactics, the main three concepts described earlier are a conceptual aid that leader and presenters can use to describe real business situations through metaphors.

The Assembly Line PowerPoint Shapes provides PowerPoint Conveyor belts shapes, created in flat design. Each belt consists of different workstations which purpose is described through a gear clipart with a PowerPoint Icon. The presenter can describe processes ranging from two (2) to eight (8) steps. The PowerPoint template provides several assembly line scenes as:

  • Product Moving through the conveyor belt, using a cardboard box clipart as the product.
  • Assembly of the Product: The scene presents a flat design funnel where pieces are introduced into the box.
  • Automation Process: A Robotic Arm is placing pieces into the assembled product.

Finally the template provides a comprehensive set of PowerPoint Shapes and Icons that can be used to decorate different aspects of logistics and manufacturing.

Impress your audience applying the assembly line powerpoint template metaphors, and describe your business process with a visual deck that appeals to executives.

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