AIDA Model PowerPoint Template

AIDA Model Diagram Template
Purchase Funnel AIDA Concept

AIDA Model PowerPoint Template is a business marketing presentation. It presents 4 steps strategy funnel with colorful components of PowerPoint. This funnel diagram template highlights all four segments of the AIDA model in two design versions. The users can add helpful textual content about the company’s marketing strategies and present them as is. However, these PowerPoint templates are fully editable and allow users to change designs to reflect existing business presentation themes.

AIDA is the acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. It is a list of events in the customer engagement process. These four steps encapsulate the customer journey, a purchase, or a customer funnel. The functions involved in AIDA marketing are:

  • A – Attention (awareness): Through advertising, customers become aware of the product or service. This is the point where the company creates content to capture the attention of target customers. For example, advertising end results or expectations.
  • I – Interest: Providing helpful information about products or services to fulfill customer needs. The information should highlight benefits and value so that consumers may understand.
  • D – Desire: This is when the customer is clear about requirements and evaluates his options.
  • A – Action: The available options that lead customers towards taking action. For example, free trials and promotions.

AIDA model PowerPoint Template provides two slide layouts of 4 level funnel diagrams. This is a flat PowerPoint diagram that you can easily copy into Google Slides Themes. The diagram template uses text placeholders to display key contents of the company’s sales & marketing strategies. Similarly, it could be used for academic purposes, i.e., elaborate on methods of effective purchase. Users can copy any of two AIDA model ppt slides by changing the PowerPoint background according to the presentation theme, or alternatively, find other AIDA templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides.

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