Agile Development Process PowerPoint Template

Presentation Template of Agile Methodology
PowerPoint Blue Theme 3 Sprint Rocket
Presentation of Agile Development Sprints

The Agile Development Process PowerPoint Template provides a fun, visual representation of this process. This slide uses the imagery of a rocket illustration to demonstrate the launch of a new product or service.

The focus of this slide template is the agile development process. This process refers to various methodologies for software development and product development. These methodologies are iterative, clear in the way the timeline loops on its way to launch. Central to agile development is the concept of sprints. During each sprint developers should build, test, and deploy some sort of deliverable. This happens throughout the project, leading to another fundamental characteristic of agile development: teams deliver parts of the project throughout the project, rather than all at once at the end, like in some more traditional software development methodologies. That is why you see three different sprints on the diagram template.

In case there are more than three sprints in the actual project being presented using the agile development process template, this slide can be edited to fit the actual project best. Colors can be changed, as well as placement of each component as presenters customize the template. There are three different versions of this slide. Presenters can choose the version that best fits into their presentation.

This diagram and illustration would be very difficult to make from scratch for presenters without graphic design experience. That’s what makes this development process template so handy for presenters. Simply upload it into your presentation in PPT or Google Slides, customize colors and text, and present it.

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