ADDIE Model PowerPoint Template

The ADDIE Model PowerPoint Template is a widely use framework of design and development. ADDIE stands for Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation which are the major phases of project management. Also known as ISD, an Instructional System Design framework for business organization who implement their procedures in the model. The PowerPoint template is useful in various fields including technology, training and performance due to its diverse convention. Similarly, the professionals like managers, trainers and consultants belonging to different industries can make presentations for their projects.

  • Analysis: Define scope and clarify problems
  • Design: Systematic strategic planning stage i.e. documenting activities
  • Development: Instructional blue print of plan such as programming, integrating technologies and testing.
  • Implementation: Training on use of new tools and review outcomes.
  • Evaluation: Monitoring and assessment of each phase (formative) and of the project/product as whole.

The graphical illustrations of ADDIE Model PowerPoint Template are simple set of shapes, design to create an understandable diagram. The template is made by professionals to help save time and effort in creating a five-segment model. Therefore, this PowerPoint provides two neat and easy slides on ADDIE model. First one shows circular process flow using circle icons and arrow chevron shapes to help understand the direction of activities. The evaluation phase in the middle has arrow icons pointing towards the rest of four segments of ADDIE framework. It shows evaluation as a continuous process whereas, analysis, design, development and implementation as repetitive lifecycle. Further, the next slide is usable as an alternative of bullet list template using a colorful and creative bullet style.

The ADDIE model is an editable PowerPoint template of vector base illustrations and shapes. It lets users give a personal touch to the presentation by changing colors or size of PowerPoint shapes. Moreover, replace the icons with other available options in insert menu.

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