AARRR Metrics Funnel Diagram for PowerPoint

AARRR Metrics PowerPoint Design Funnel
AARRR Metrics Funnel Diagram Design
Retention Stage AARRR Model
AARRR Metrics Stages Slide Design for PowerPoint

AARRR Metrics Funnel Diagram for PowerPoint– a 5-step funnel diagram design for accommodating Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue and Referral Metrics. The AARRR is a relative start up method created by Dave McClure. The layout is colorful with 3D styles. It is of generic form. Thus, it can cater a huge array of topics. It is highly functional given its quality graphics.

AARRR is under the compilation of 500startups. The framework is specific for Pirate Metrics concept. It is directed for leaders such as CEO and other high stakeholders. Its goal is to make them understand consumers more. It is information-focused where technical data is needed. These data are necessary for an assured start-up of any business, project or undertaking. Acquisition refers to the market or the audience and where they come from. Activation means what amount of the initial buyers have a positive experience. Retention answers the question “do they come back?”. Referral refers to the concept of advertisement by mouth or if the consumer refers the product to others. Revenue concentrates on the valuation of these measurements to money.

The PowerPoint template is extremely useful to feasibility studies. It is ideal for business presentation. It can metaphor a personal-level report where an individual plans on a new venture or change. It is a decision-making tool. It is perfect for marketing, sales, product analysis and strategic planning. It can be associated to Lean Startup reports. The plot can be used as a dashboard or a stand-alone presentation.

In the first slide of the PowerPoint template, the user can find a completed diagram. The 5 steps of the funnel are colored black, orange, blue, yellow and green. Each represents a measurement component for the model. The following 5 slides highlight on every element, going from the Acquisition to the Revenue model slides. The last slide also feature a finished funnel, but with corresponding text placeholders.

Use AARRR Metrics Funnel Diagram for PowerPoint for effective and professional visual aids. The Lean Startup Methodology PowerPoint Template is downloadable at the SlideModel gallery.

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