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The 8 Step Kotter Model of Change PowerPoint Template is an effective tool for project management presentations. The PowerPoint template of three slides demonstrates three versions of 8 step Kotter model. There are many models and theories for change management with their own advantages and disadvantages. However, the purpose of each methodology is to implement the transition which benefits the organization. Also, helps understand the impact of change and ensuring a smooth transition. Further, this PowerPoint presentation of 8 step Kotter Model displays bar chart style diagram. It shows sub processes of three main processes i.e. create, engage and implement the change. The diagram uses colors and dotted lives for division. The translucent arrow moving un upwards direction explains the direction of achieving processes.

The professional slide design of 8 Step Kotter Model of Change PowerPoint Template has visual diagrams of the concept. Although, it helps illustrate the process involve in organizational change management. The editable PowerPoint of Kotter model contains additional circular and stair style level diagrams as presentation options. The template of circular process cycle design has a creative display of 8 steps using PowerPoint shapes. This model of organizational changes has breakdown structure of following 8 steps:

1. Create: A need for change and urgency
2. Build: An internal team to manage the change
3. Form: Make a strategy which aligns with business vision
4. Enlist: Encourage volunteers and engage them in meaningful activities to support the change
5. Enable: Reduce the ineffective and unnecessary processes from the system
6. Generate: Set short-term goals leading towards the long-term change
7. Sustain: Moreover manage planning, finances and processes with change leadership
8. Institute: Lastly, communicating the importance of keeping up with change to all employees and show transparency in the processes.

The PowerPoint template of change model has an incredible 3 slides is ideal for delivering change management presentation. Moreover, with the life on fast lane and rapid development of new technology, the change has become inevitable. Therefore, the companies which do not adapt to the timely change may not be able to sustain a market in future.

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