70-20-10 Approach to Learning PowerPoint Template

70-20-10 Learning Approach Model
Donut Charts for 70-20-10 Approach
Presentation of 70-20-10 in Donut Chart
70-20-10 Model Presentation Circles
PowerPoint Area Chart Template
Infographic Clipart Timeline of 70-20-10
Learning and Development Concept Diagram
Three Column Table for 70-20-10 Rule

The 70-20-10 Approach to Learning PowerPoint Template is learning and development presentation. It will help describe a theoretical model of how people learn to do their job. This is a commonly used model for training and educational concepts. The 70-20-10 rule suggests on-job experience accounts for 70% individuals learning. Whereas, 20% learning comes from interacting with fellow employees. And further 10% comes from external sources such as formal training and reading. Therefore, organizations use this model to optimize skill development strategies. The management professionals use 70-20-10 rule to outline corporate learning and staff development opportunities.

The 8 slides template of 70-20-10 approach provides a variety of diagram designs to demonstrate this learning model. The users can choose a desired presentation layout to describe contents of balanced learning and development opportunities. These diagrams include:

  • Slope graph with arrows to show progress
  • Three donut chart segments illustrating 70-20-10% learning
  • Donut chart with three segments for 100% learning
  • Three circular segments representing 70-20-20% approach
  • Stacked area chart layout
  • Infographic timeline of learning with silhouette clipart elements
  • 3-level Inverted pyramid chart
  • Tabular format with multiple text placeholders

The 70-20-10 Approach to Learning PowerPoint Template provides high-quality graphics and shapes. The users can easily customize these graphics such as colors, size, text, and backgrounds from PowerPoint formatting options. 8 slide designs of 70-20-10 rule in PowerPoint offer great value to management professionals. Since users can select layout as guideline for organization for maximum effectiveness in task learning.

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