6 Steps Hexagonal Core PowerPoint Diagram

PowerPoint Slide Template for 6 Steps Hexagons
Hexagonal PPT Diagram Template Slide
6 Stages Hexagonal PPT Template
Hexagonal Infographic PowerPoint Diagram
PowerPoint Template Diagram of 6-Steps Hexagons
PowerPoint 6 Steps Hexagons Template
6 Steps Hexagonal Core PPT Slide Template
PowerPoint Slide Template for 6 Steps Hexagonal Diagram

The 6 Steps Hexagonal Core PowerPoint Diagram is a creative design for presenting steps or segments of a process flow. Users can use this diagram to prepare presentations of any domain, e.g., business, marketing, academic, etc. The template design is made engaging by using a decent color scheme and circular arrangement of 6 hexagons shapes.

Beginning from Step#1, the six steps labels are arranged clockwise on the circumference of the central circular shape. This circular shape in the center shows a representative icon and text box for adding the title. Presenters can display the necessary details using the text boxes and graphic icons placed alongside each step label. The graphical icons are placed around the circle inside separate hexagons. An appealing feature of this model is its flower-like arranged and multicolored shapes.

The outline of the hexagons, text areas, and stage labels are color-coded differently for each stage. After the first slide, each stage is color highlighted, one by one, i.e., only one step is shown colored on each slide. This effect helps users to elaborate on each stage with more focus.

The users can customize and use this 100% editable template for presentations. For example, the user can alter the color scheme, visuals, and arrangement of objects accordingly. This way, the 6 Steps Hexagonal Core PowerPoint Diagram can be modified for any topic, e.g., presenting steps of the project plan, six steps of a business cycle, or even the stages of a scientific method. So, download this ready-to-use PowerPoint template and edit it using MS. PowerPoint and Google Slides.

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