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The 6-Step Horizontal Funnel Diagram for PowerPoint presents six proportions of process flow diagram. SlideModel offers a wide range of vertical and horizontal funnel diagram templates. This PowerPoint diagram template is a latest addition to creative and professional funnel and process flow designs. The funnel charts are commonly used for data processing activities to achieve desired outcome. These charts display data as progressively decreasing in size when it passes through various levels. Each level represents a function that filters out irrelevant information before transmitting to next level.

In business presentations, the funnel diagram could be used to discuss variety of concepts. For example, resources and activities at different levels to produce desired results or problem solving machinimas. However, the funnel diagrams are often linked to sales and marketing concept presentations. Here, the 6 stages of funnel diagram can describe lead generation, marketing, and sale process.

The 6-Step Horizontal Funnel Diagram for PowerPoint include 2 slides to assist users with different color themes and backgrounds. The diagram also divides funnel in 2 stages between 3rd step. It could illustrate sub-processes on funnel flow chart. The users can copy these funnel slides into pre-existing business presentation for visual representation of strategies. The individual stages will get audience attention and give space to add textual content.

These funnel diagram slides are visual help for bottleneck situations like decision making, analysis, or problem solving. The business professionals can use these diagram slides for modeling their process sequences.

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