6 Levels 3D Pyramid Template for PowerPoint

The 6 Levels 3D Pyramid Template for PowerPoint is an innovative diagram design. It is a flat vector PowerPoint diagram template providing an enhanced view of the 3D layout. It contains three separate pyramid designs for 6 levels diagrams. Although, the pyramid diagrams are ideal to present the models organized in a hierarchical format. The segments here show the proportional phases which create logical relation. The organizations can discuss several hierarchal divisions including its functional and work breakdown structure. This presentation is a colorful 3D view with the text placeholders on both sides. These placeholders represent each level through their colors. Further, the placeholders have a title and description bars to add headings and keynotes for each phase. And, the diagram also contains textboxes at each level to enter headings.

The 6 Levels 3D Pyramid Template for PowerPoint has two slides of segmented diagrams. These are the 3D levels with a gap between them. Whereas, the next two templates illustrate the stacked pyramids. Also, the last slide shows the horizontal layout of 6 pyramids in matching size. The editable diagram of 6 levels 3D pyramid PowerPoint offers the number of options to customize the design. For example, change the colors from a shape fill option. Each level of the hierarchy pyramid template is a set of flat vectors creating an illusion of 3D shapes. This feature assists the users to create their desire 3D effects by color shading.

The PowerPoint Pyramid template of 6 levels diagram is a multi-purpose collection of slides. These are the professional looking templates for business and academic presentation. Alternatively, you can find other variants of this diagram including:

The users can copy their desired template to an existing presentation. This way, they can either continue with the theme source formatting or choose to manually edit it.

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