5 Levels 3D Layered Diagram for PowerPoint

Make a multi-layered diagram template with the 5 Levels 3D Layered Diagram for PowerPoint. It can act as an alternative to other stacked diagrams in PowerPoint. The template uses a solid color scheme in yellow, blue, red, and green. Such a design makes the segments easier to distinguish. The PowerPoint design is created in high definition graphics. Modification will not affect image resolution.

Most business plans involve several complicated steps. This requires the steps to be arranged into segments. It makes the steps easier to understand. It allows the team to study the nature of each segment. Using the diagram, management can give priority to categories more easily.

The diagram is composed of five 3D squares. They are stacked vertically in the center of the slides. Each square represents a segment of steps. They can be arranged by priority or by order of execution. The exact sequence of the segments can depend on the needs of the user. In any case, the design simplifies the report into manageable parts.

The template has several versions of the layered diagram. The first shows the stack in full color. Thin lines connect the segments to placeholders. These can include descriptions for each segment. The next version replaces the placeholders with color text boxes. The color-coding allows the viewers to identify the text more easily. The third version has text placeholders and PowerPoint icons. The icons include a monitor, money, a shopping cart, a clock, and a delivery truck. The last shows the diagram on the left side of the slide. Each segment is accompanied by a number in a colored circle. Five succeeding slides show the same diagram. In these last slides, however, only one segment is colored at a time.

Use the 5 Levels 3D Layered Diagrams for PowerPoint for the presenter to demonstrate a business strategy.

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