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The 4MAT Learning System PowerPoint shows the four major learning styles based on the brain functions. It helps people develop all four of these learning capacities. The 4MAT Learning System PowerPoint is effective as a teaching design tool. Also as a framework for assessing the quality of any learning experience and development.

The 4MAT System has four phases of learning cycle. Each learning style is governed with the left and right brain learners. Left-brain learners are logical, rational, sequential, serial, verbal learners. Right-brain learners are intuitive, emotional, holistic, parallel, and tactile learners.

The complete 4MAT model is an integration of learning styles in a sequence that follows the natural cycle of learning. Starting from one and moving around to four, answering the key question of each style:

  1. Why? The Imaginative Learner demands to know why he or she should be involved in this activity.
  2. What? The Abstract Sequential learner wants to know what to learn.
  3. How? The Concrete Sequential learner wants to know how to apply the learning.
  4. If? The Abstract Random learner asks, if this is correct how can I modify it to make it work for me.

The 4MAT model is in a circle quadrant diagram. It follows the basic colors. The text font and overall design are editable in standard PowerPoint. Use 4MAT Learning System PowerPoint for modules in teaching and Psychology. Alternatively, see more presentations in PowerPoint.

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