3D Zig Zag Timeline for PowerPoint

Splash page for 3D Zig Zag PowerPoint Timeline.
5 Steps PowerPoint timeline created with 3D balls and sticks.
PowerPoint Diagram created with Four milestones using 3D spheres connected with sticks.
3 3D PowerPoint Spheres creating a Zig Zag timeline.
PowerPoint timeline created with five 3D Spheres connected with sticks in horizontal zig zag.
4 Steps Timeline created with 3D Balls and Sticks Diagram.
3 Steps PowerPoint Timeline created with a Zig Zag Balls and Stick Model.

3D Zig Zag Timeline for PowerPoint is a professional presentation created with a 3D ball and stick model. In the timeline, each milestone is represented by a 3D sphere. The textboxes located in the radius of the sphere serve as a label for the milestone. Each sphere is connected to the next one with a 3D stick, forming a zig zag.

This creative diagram is 100% Editable PowerPoint shapes. Every sphere and stick is created as PowerPoint objects with 3D effects. The user can edit color, brightness, size, shadow position, lightening and of course rotation.

Professional timelines need to have impressive visuals to remark milestones. TheĀ 3D Zig Zag Timeline for PowerPoint is ideal for 3 to 5 years high level plans, or any Step diagram containing up to 5 steps.

Impress your audience with ourĀ 3D Zig Zag Timeline for PowerPoint and present your message with appealing graphics that engage global executives.

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