3D Sliced Spheres for PowerPoint

3D Sliced Spheres for PowerPoint – Generate eye-catching infographics which serve to improve reporting while not overpowering the content. The PowerPoint template contains four creative 3D sliced spheres that can be used to replace progress numbers and texts with professional visuals.

The PowerPoint Template applies the concept of Harvey balls. Harvey Balls, sometimes called Booz Balls, are usually represented by a simple flat circle, which is then shaded proportionally to represent visual quantity. They are used in comparisons to show the degree to which an element meets a specific criterion. It functions similarly to a donut chart to show status and progress.

Harvey Balls can be used in infographics to show KIP’s (key performance indicators). The slide design containing four variations of the Harvey Balls for 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% progress values. The corresponding angles of the Harvey Balls can be used in project management.

The respective shadings, or in this case, fills, of the ball allow the presenter to relate these 3D spheres to the same concept as the Harvey Balls. These 3D vector equivalents give more impact to the presentation by making the PowerPoint graphics pop out of the simple black-gray presentation background.

The overview slide of the presentation, the one featuring four spheres, can be used as progress indicators in specific areas of the business plan. Each sphere can correspond to a specific core component or step in the procedure. They can then be adjusted using the 100% editable features to how the proper Harvey Ball form for each.

The 3D Sliced Sphere for PowerPoint is most suitable for project progress meetings, business reviews and project dashboards. The slide allow the presenter to showcase several inputs of data through the PowerPoint, assuring a quick and easy way to explain the different processes. The presenter can also download the Flat Harvey Ball PowerPoint template to extend the report.

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