3D Segmented Pyramid PowerPoint Template

3D Segmented Diagram of 4 Levels
Four Segmented Diagrams of Pyramid
4 Level Pyramid 3D Presenttaion
PPT Pyramid Concept Design 3D

The 3D Segmented Pyramid PowerPoint Template is an animated presentation of 4 step hierarchical structure. A multi-level 3D Pyramid shows uneven segments design for diagram of 4-stage concepts. The users can deliver a range of creative ideas using 3D segmented pyramid template. Such as business agenda, redefining vision, target audience for professional presentations. Or, Maslow theory, a conceptual model of knowledge, social psychological concepts etc. for learning presentations. The SlideModel catalog offers a number of 3D-effect pyramid templates. But this presentation has one 3D object as a pyramid diagram. The benefit of using a 3D object: it enables users to rotate their diagram in 360 degrees including rotating animation. However, the flat vector shapes of PowerPoint with 3D effects give more customization options. Like 4 level 3D pyramid template with five design formats in SlideModel.

The 3D Segmented Pyramid PowerPoint Template provides four levels of soft and summer colors. Each segment has an alphabet to represent a stage, but users can edit their own text or numbers here. This pyramid template can display hierarchy and funnel concepts in both top down and bottom up format. There are four versions of the 3D segmented pyramid including two with gaps. Each slide has its unique layout for text placeholders to deliver topic information. Additionally, these placeholders are editable, so users can modify font style and size. Users can simply copy the slides and represent as a part of their original presentation.

A pyramid diagram template can highlight sequence of steps or process workflow. The users can further tweak the slides according to their topic and presentation theme. For instance, change the animations, transitions or size of 3D objects. There are various animation effect options available for 3D objects only.

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