3D Maze Metaphor PowerPoint Template

3D Maze PowerPoint Shape Background
PowerPoint Slide with 3D Maze with Question Mark Symbol
PowerPoint 3D Maze Birds Eye Perspective with Question Mark Center.
Perspective View of 3D Maze with 3D Heart Inside
3D Heart PowerPoint Shape inside a Maze
PowerPoint 3D Maze Shape with 3D Target and Path
Blue Path Arrow Exiting Maze Successfully for PowerPoint
Red Path Arrow Successful Maze Path
3D Maze PowerPoint Shapes
Professional Person Avatar in 3D Maze
3D Maze Crossed with Vertical Arrow

3D Maze Metaphor PowerPoint Template is a professional presentation that contains several 3D Labyrinth diagrams in birth view perspective, with different business metaphors as the main emphasized topic. The user can edit the Maze shapes as they are created as PowerPoint objects. Each maze scene can be reused in existing presentations or applied to different business scenarios.

The user can model different concepts as:

  • Coming out of the maze successfully to describe a risky plan with several paths where a team or organization successfully completed.
  • Navigating Through the path, to describe a decision analysis exercises every executives need to traverse. Making decision on every corner, and going back to take another path if a death end was blocking the road.
  • Getting Lost in the Maze, a simple metaphor to describe how a business can miss the path several times until it identifies it has a problem.
  • Prioritizing and selecting the most promising path to reach the final goal.
  • False Leads, when the business is following a path that culminated in a dead end.
  • Dead Ends, when a path end abruptly, or when a business or project need to end to take a new path of success.

Each scene is created with a Maze PowerPoint Shape, that contains several 3D clipart to model the concept and metaphor. The user can change the additional clipart and replace it with any of our PowerPoint Clipart Shapes.

Create impressive presentations with our 3D Maze Metaphor PowerPoint Template that appeal to professional audiences.

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