3D Comparison Table PowerPoint Template

3D Comparison Table PowerPoint Template is a presentation with a 3D table shape as introductory slide, and several comparison tables for benchmark or comparison purposes. Each Table PowerPoint Template is completely created with PowerPoint Objects (3D and flat) , allowing the user to customize completely its properties.

The inital 3D Comparison Table PowerPoint Template provides an example with product features and simple attribute columns with dummy text. The 3D Comparison Table contains Ticks and Crosses icons (also in 3D design) that can be manipulate by the user to fulfill the checklist according to its needs.

The second slide presents a similar Comparison Table PowerPoint Template in flat design, but with the 3D button like ticks and crosses.

The third slide presents a Comparison Table PowerPoint Template with 3D Start Ratings, for the user to use as review mechanism.

The last Comparison Table PowerPoint Template has a numerical approach in order to compare row values and column totals.

You can review our Text & Tables  catalog where you will find a useful set of different Comparison Table PowerPoint Template options to combine with this 3D Comparison Table PowerPoint Template.