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The 3 Step Conversion Funnel PowerPoint Template is a horizontal process flow diagram. It illustrates data filtration process that is commonly used in sales and marketing strategies. This template shows three stages that begin at traffic and ends at buyer. Whereas, the sale funnel stage in middle includes 3 sub-processes to describe conversion rates. Basically, this funnel chart is a stacked diagram with multiple layers to describe each part of sales process. It provides a visual representation for systematic approach to discuss product or service sales strategies. The major three stages include:

  1. Traffic: Most common example is website sessions – Number of users visiting a website
  2. Sales Funnel: A visual representation of buyer’s journey from first contact to complete purchase
  3. Buyers: The outcome of marketing and sales strategy for further customer journey lifecycle

The 3 Step Conversion Funnel PowerPoint Template illustrate sales objectives of organizations while promoting products or services. The diagram could be used as a part of business marketing presentation to assist users with effective delivery of concepts. It is an editable PowerPoint template containing four slides to discuss each sub-process of sales funnel individually. Furthermore, the diagram provides blue and tangerine color theme to enhance visual content. But users can change these PowerPoint shape colors from solid fill and gradient option in drawing format menu.

The funnel PowerPoint diagram captures both traditional and digital marketing concepts. The presentation will attract more audience and keep focus on three sub-contents for its intended meaning. Alternatively, SlideModel offers a range of funnel PowerPoint templates to choose from.

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