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15-Petal Flower Diagram Template for PowerPoint

Personalize our 15-Petal Flower Diagram Template for PowerPoint to present your topics engagingly. The flower diagrams having core and petal segments are applicable in multiple applications. In business presentations, for instance, users can showcase intricate details through this petals diagram, e.g., product features, project targets, or other company details. Marketing and sales professionals can also use this infographic design in their campaigns to catch their clients’ attention. They can mention the benefits of using their company’s service or product in the 15 petals of this diagram. Our 15 petals flower diagram can help academic mentors, doctors, and real estate clients prepare catchy presentations.

This 15-Petal Flower Diagram Template for PowerPoint provides two versions of the flower diagram. The first version is static, while the second one carries an animation effect that reveals all the petals simultaneously. Users can download the required file and use it for preparing the slides. The flower diagram consists of a circular core unit surrounded by a three-segment ring. These segments of the modern style ring have distinct colors. Each of these segments is associated with sets of 5 petals, i.e., the color of corresponding petals is the same as the segment color. On the slideshow, these petals appear in a clockwise direction. This effect can assist users in showcasing process flow in professional presentations. 

The petals in this flower infographic diagram have placeholder text that can be edited conveniently to mention process steps, details, or other presentation points. Likewise, the core unit and the three segments have edible text areas to accommodate presentation details. Users from every domain and field can customize this layout for specific applications. So, try this circle diagram template and create your fantastic presentation in a few simple steps!

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