10 Text Boxes with Numbers for PowerPoint

Simple and powerful 10 Text Boxes with Numbers for PowerPoint can greatly enhance any 10-factor presentation. The layout is basic and generic which makes it extremely flexible. The user can relate it to general topics and come up with outstanding reports.

Two slides compose this PowerPoint template. Both have the same features except for the shape sizes. Even the text placeholders are placed in similar locations. On the top of the first slide, the title “10 Text Boxes for PowerPoint” is displayed. A subtitle can be entered by the presenter under that heading. The first row of boxes starts on the 3rd column. The blue text boxes are initially numbered from 1 to 10. The user can provide a quick background on the first and quite empty part of the list. The cool color stimulates calmness and easy understanding.

The layout can serve as a top 10 template. Other options are sequence stories. Any topic discussion with 10 points can be related to the slide designs because they are fully functional. It can also depict a list of tasks enumerated up to 10. The user can choose the sequence- ascending or descending. The template can be a checklist or priority reminders. It can outline the activities to be done within a week or a certain period of time.
Text Boxes with Numbers summarize items in 10 factors. The boxes depict a neat and minimal presentation. This means that it prohibits overcrowding of text characters. It is a graphic representation of whatever steps or elements the user decides to tackle. The template is a creative tool of presenting with graphics without being overwhelming.
Appeal to professional audiences with the 10 Text Boxes with Numbers for PowerPoint. The awesome visual aids can showcase simple and complex ideas to a comprehensive report. Download from the 8 Steps PowerPoint Templates of the SlideModel gallery.

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