Learn how to make timelines in Microsoft PowerPoint for project planning presentations, business plans and other presentation needs. Download creative timeline designs to decorate your slides.

The Essential Guide to Making Timelines

Timelines are used for a variety of purposes by people across different professions. You might be a project manager looking to create a timeline to understand the outputs and outcomes of your project or a teacher looking to teach your students about all major happenings leading up to a historical event. Timelines are a good […]

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How To Create a Content Marketing Plan using PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint Template Content Marketing Plan

In the last year the changes within the internet marketing space (SEO, SEM, Social Media and PR) have forced the Marketing Agencies, Consultants, Startups and Corporate Marketing areas to drive focus to their Inbound Marketing. In this post we will guide you for the initial steps any Marketing area, startup or even consolidated corporate Marketing […]

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Flat Slides with Subtle Animations for PowerPoint Presentations

Is not impossible to create animated PowerPoint presentations that look great. Microsoft PowerPoint has a collection of great animation effects that you can apply to individual shapes and objects. Even if animated objects and traditional cliparts are often considered to be unaesthetic for professional presentations but adding subtle animations to your PowerPoint slides can really help you to enhance […]

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Using SmartArt Graphics to Make a Timeline in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

A timeline can be very useful to display a list of events in chronological order using a graphic design. Recently we have published an article explaining how to use editable timeline templates in PowerPoint to make timelines. Naturally there are other approaches that you can follow to make event timelines in PowerPoint. If you are using PowerPoint 2011 for Mac […]

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