How to Save Google Slides as PDF

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Presentations made using Google Slides Templates or saved to Google Drive can be downloaded in PDF format. This might be necessary to send the file via email as a PDF document or to print handouts. You can save Google Slides as PDF using two simple methods.

Save Google Slides as a PDF

To convert Google Slides to PDF, go to File > Download > PDF Document.

Downloading Google Slides as a PDF file

This will download your Google Slides presentation as a PDF document to your device.

Opened PDF file created from Google Slides

How to Download Google Slides with Speaker Notes

When saving Google Slides to PDF, you might want to download the speaker notes so that you can print and use them during your presentation. To include speaker notes with the downloaded PDF document, go to File > Print Preview.

Locating Print Preview in Google Slides

From the menu that pops up, you can select the slides per page that you want for your PDF document, as well as choose to show or hide the background. From this menu, you can also adjust page orientation before downloading the document in PDF format with speaker notes by clicking on Download as PDF.

Selecting speaker notes to include in PDF file from Google Slides

The below image shows a Google Slides document converted to PDF with speaker notes. In this case, we downloaded one slide per page with speaker notes to generate the PDF document.

Opened PDF file with speaker notes created from Google Slides

PDF is a document format that is widely used to send content via emails, instant messengers, and to print documents for review or to support a presenter during a presentation. Hence, converting your Google Slides presentation to PDF can be quite useful for a variety of reasons. The next time you find yourself or a colleague wondering how to convert Google Slides to PDF, simply follow the instructions mentioned above to save Google Slides presentations to PDF (with or without speaker notes).

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